About Us

What the heck is a 3 Crows Homestead?

In the present…  more or less, it is a “longing to be and do something other” and the process of learning to be and do that, “Something”.

A place to thrive and build a long-lasting “regenerative environment” for people, animals, and everything in that environment. Using ethical thought, treatment and conscious design of the components that serve that primary objective.

Borage Beautiful and Useful

Three Crows Homestead is a dream, an end goal and my interpretation of what I perceive as an ideal way to live.  That is… doing what we can to make life grand for… well… “Life Itself” and receive from that symbiosis the sustenance to thrive.

This web is part of that ideal.

Here I will spit into the winds of the internet our trial and tribulations as we learn to do and be that “Something”.

What do I hope to accomplish with this website?

  • I hope to promote ethical treatment and husbandry of animals.
  • I hope to promote the ideas and concepts of “Permaculture”
  • I hope to coerce you to join me in abandoning the lawnmower and be productive with your plot of land.
  • To offer a more permanent location on the webs as an outlet for expression for the members of this family.  The heartbeat of this homestead.
  • I may even spew what I see as irony in my observations of social media.  Probably political… from a very antipolitical perspective from time to time… my apologies in advance.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

We hope that our example will rub off on all it touches.


Our Matriarch Mischief

So what is it… Again?  Three Crows Homestead is our home.
It is also…

  • A foster home for cats and dogs.
  • It is an evolving “Permaculture” inspired hobby farm.
  • It is a chunk of deciduous woodland of slightly less than five acres, cleared enough as to build the “House of our Dreams” on.  A building that has kept our family comfortable for some 12 odd years and counting.

It is where our heart is, not just where we hang our hat.  Here is where we pursue our passions.


The Halfway House!

Today our family dedicates substantial effort to the care of unwanted and discarded animals with a focus on domesticated cats and dogs, primarily the cat.  We call this part of our homestead, “Andersons Halfway House for Wayward Critters”.  This tag is a name we give to the work we do under the wing of “Lucky Day Animal Rescue”.  Our name is nothing official.  Although we do keep a Facebook page where we promote the work that we do as volunteers with Lucky Day and work to find homes for critters in need through our community and the worlds most popular social media platform.
Please visit us there and give us a like we would love to expand the reach of our rescue efforts.
Lucky Day Animal Rescue, on Facebook
Andersons Halfway House for Wayward Critters, on Facebook

Black Cats Need Love Too

All the actual work with cats and dogs is done under the direction and support of the wonderful folks of the Lucky Day organization.  My wife being an integral part of LD is the spearhead of that here at our Homestead and me behind her as a support member.

Lucky Day Animal Rescue devotes an amazing amount of resource to as many animals as it can reasonably sustain.  A very large chunk of it directed toward “Special Needs Animals”  that is, recuperating animals from neglect, trauma, and diseases.  As well as the all too often played scenario of the discarded and unwanted.  The effort is incredible and we are quite proud of being a part of that effort.

It is my hope that this web will be yet another avenue for the promotion of the work done at Lucky Day and perhaps direct needed funding to, and be part of the infrastructure that finds loving homes for these animals in need.

Learn more about Lucky Day Animal Rescue on their website 

The Hoby Farm

The Farm bit is a recent undertaking, well maybe not so recent… it has been a wistful dream for a very long time and recently with the discovery of certain practices, I have been able to put words and names to “the dream” and today seems more practical if not essential to sustain us on our small plot and I’m going to give it a serious go!

Here on this website, we will share our adventures and learning curve.   I want to promote some ideas that I think are imperative to think about regarding various topics like food security, ecology, and social impact.  These topics have nothing to do with creating income and unlike scads of homesteading webs out there, this website is not about creating income, its primary intention is to elicit incremental change.  In fact under today’s business model ideas, the topics I hope to promote probably undermine creating income from a farm production aspect.

That said… as I look forward to my “retirement age” I see rather grim prospects from of the safety nets our society has developed for us as we age.  As well it seems nearly impossible to build one for ourselves in so much as the popular ideal of retirement security so…  We will see how our lives evolve in the paradigm, we may have to change the way we think about creating income on this web. When that day comes, it is likely that any income generated, will be from value-added products, our farm’s product or original resource, being the building blocks for value-added saleable items.  For now, It will be a place to share as we learn to use and create with the abundance that working in a symbiosis with nature will provide.  This, in my opinion, is how we create change.  Change from a system of dependency to one of resilience.

4 May 1928 – 24 September 2016 May you rest in peace Bill

So what are these practices I mention above? Well… to put it in search engine keywords:  “Permaculture” “Regenerative Agriculture” “Food Forest” “Edible Landscaping” “Silvopasture” “Lane Cropping” to name a few commonly used searches. Pop these keywords in your search engine if you like, I hope you enjoy what you find and I hope it starts a fire in you.

So here we will chronicle our journey in what we are calling a homestead from the “Now”,  combining our family’s passions to whatever it turns out to be when it gets passed on.  At that time if we have any success,  it will be a rich and diverse microcosm regenerating itself and our greater ecology.   It is my hope that our example will catch the eye of just one person.  And that person will take from our example what good can be found and use it for themselves and in turn be yet another example for others.  Therefore, regenerative socially and improving the life and lives of future generations. Both human and animal.

Other Stuff!

Three Crows Homestead is a family of four group effort.  That is not to say that everybody involved is in complete agreement and onboard with every aspect of my personal thoughts and dreams.  Hell… It is still all I can do to get my kid to eat green stuff from the grocery let alone something that happens to grow in our grass.

My family and fellow homesteaders are Dodie (wife), Seth (Son), myself (creator of this website) and Chloe my son’s girlfriend who has been with us long enough that I consider her a daughter.

Each person is an individual with their own perspectives and ideas that add to the thing that is this home and stead.  I value their thoughts and contributions immensely, they (hopefully often) will be contributing to this blog offering their perspectives on various topics/doings in, around this homestead and perhaps stuff out in the world that they find passion or wonder in.

Hope you enjoy our blog!