Local Events

Local Events

5th Annual Great Lakes Foragers Gathering

Part of what I would like to do with this blog and web is promoting stuff I dig! And SOmEtiMEs I do dig when I am out foraging for wild eats!

Eating the stuff that nature gives us freely seems a no-brainer to me.  I mean it’s no, no-brainer! You had better be using that noggin of yours out there in the real, filling your face… I guess what I don’t get is how this perfectly natural thing,  what should be instinctual knowledge has withered away… It should be something we all do… (thinking rationally about what is real)
Anyway… I hope to fix that in my head and reestablish this knowledge for me and my kin.

shagyAs It turns out, there are oodles of folks out there like me who dig eating a dandelion and other goodies that nature provides vs. blasting them into extinction with whatevercide.  It looks like they are gathering in Grass Lake Michigan!  And it looks like there are so many of us, that they are devoting an entire weekend to hanging out together! I am going to be there! Looking to soak up as much knowledge my brainpan can sop up and taste some new flavors!
The event features a wealth of knowledgeable speakers and instructors a veritable cornucopia of what to do with your local wildness!

This list snippet ripped from the Will Forage for Food website cuz I’m lazy…

Here is a link to the event page on WFFF.  5th Annual Great Lakes Foragers Gathering

If at all possible I would love to experience this with some of my friends who have an interest in this sort of thing.  If that be YOU! Contact me on FB and we can work out the details 🙂

Holy COW! looks like fun to me!


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