Looking forward to the New Year

Looking forward to the New Year

Hello everyone!
I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Holladay season!

Myself? I cant tell you just how fantastic mine has been so far! Whatever the meaning of Christmas is to you if it means anything, or whatever holiday you are celebrating. My wish to you is to have and celebrate what the season is for me.  For me, the things that make this time of year most special are the hours and moments that seem to set aside just for gathering with people you love.  These moments are rare in today’s world.  I am grateful for this and this is the most incredible thing to me. In these moments I throw away any frustrating and stressful feelings that I may have, had and accumulated to better enjoy what these get-togethers bring.  I have been blessed this year as I have gotten to feel the love of more of people on this than on past holidays!  20017  will be one to remember.  Best of all we still have one more chance to hug folks New Years Eve!

My sister put my beard under control with a festive barrette!


Christmas is over and I am in winter break mode from my place of work.  Let me tell you I was in need of some rest.  Oh, sure I have been tinkering around on the homestead, collecting firewood, getting back to working on details on my barn build and so on… in my time off.  This is soul-building work, not soul-crushing like the factory.  The fierce cold puts coffee breaks a little higher on the priority list than in more mild weather.  And so… on a warm-up break, I sat down to listen to an entire podcast.

This one from “The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko” featuring a torching of an article he found where the author seems to think Permaculture may be a wasted endeavor.  Well, Jack tries very hard not to flame the author… kinda… lol it seems Mr. Spirko has the fire in his heart on the subject and his composure gets a little compromised along the way in the podcast.  Not surprisingly I stand along with Jack on his observations.

Jack, If you find my little blog. First thanks for your work, and  I think you handled yourself well and your rebuttals on the points within are well spoken and spot on from my perspective and probably any permaculturalist perspective.  What you so eloquently express are the same thoughts and repressed rants I have every day as I try to live a life more inline to what is Permaculture and try to spread my experience as I learn to practice it.   You have expressed perfectly the frustration of those moments while I try to encourage the practices and ethics of  Permaculture while muddling along on the path of my life… bumping into the naysayers, the set in their ways, the bump on the logs and the totally clueless.

I don’t often get to listen, but I’m glad I got to hear this one.

Check it out at


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