Entering the Blogosphere in 3… 2… 1…

Hello World! As WordPress says in its demonstration blog post.

So… Here we are with yet another outlet to express ourselves on the world wide web.  This utility, like so many things in my life something to explore and learn about as I go.  Bear with us as we stumble along!

Funny looking lookalikes

I am honestly not sure what we intend to do with this thing added our homestead, another shovel, rake, kibble bowl or litterbox.  There are a lot of possibilities but for now, we will simply use its utility and official address on the web as a sounding board, soapbox, and place to show our passions to our community.

My son Seth

All members of our family will be from time to time expressing themselves on our pages.  A homestead, after all, is more than a plot of land with a few animals and plants growing on it.  The family is its heartbeat.  We all will be sharing what turns us/off in our world and how we are interacting with it.  In and outside our homestead.

Dodie and her work with Lucky Day Animal Rescue

So whats in a name?

Three Crows? Kinda creepy name…
The name first came to mind one day walking the driveway at the place.  We have a family of crows who live nearby and they seem to be always in view and very near especially at hatchling rearing time of the year. Somewhere near is their nest, I imagine, their “Zone 0” and where we live is in this crow families outer zones. This tickles me as the crow, raven, and the mystique around them have fascinated me for as long as I can remember.
The name is also a bit of dark humor.  If you only have one crow… you have … well… a crow.  But three crows and now you have something!  A Murder of Crows!
At first, Three Crows Farm came to mind. “Murder Farm” in my weirdo sense of humor seemed a pretty awesome name.. but then I thought the dark humor in that was a tiny bit too obvious.  But what a great name for a horror film!
So that name idea evolved into “Three Crows Homestead”, after all, we aren’t really a farm in the modern sense of the word in fact although you may spy some commonalities here to what is seen on the farm of today and what we are learning to do.   It may be hard to liken our place even to the traditional thought that comes to mind when you think a farm.  Anyway, at least Three Crows Homestead sounds much friendlier and doesn’t conjure up flashes of scenes from a slasher movie.

Crows are thought of as tricksters in traditional lore and tails. But… I’m not that tricky.

The first incarnation of a logo for the homestead. Still pecking away at it…..

How do I see the name?

I look at the crow as a messenger of change.  A sign of a new beginning through troubled times.  I know that may sound grim to some but to me, this is a hopeful statement.  To look to the future is a hopeful action.  And that is what we do here at Three Crows Homestead.
Hope you will enjoy our Blog!
All the best!

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