Welcome to Three Crows Homestead! Permaculture inspired home and Halfway House for Wayward Critters

About Us

Fostering Animals for Lucky Day Animal Rescue! LD dedicates an incredible amount of recourse to the care of sick and abandoned domestic animals. We are proud volunteers with that organisation

Photos of our Fosters Visit the Lucky Day Website

A "Permaculture Inspired Homestead" aiming to work in symbiosis with Nature. Build Community through that concept and create a more resilient future

Raising Goats in "Silvopasture" Using limited inputs from the outside economy and modern veterinary medicine to provide the most pure food products for our family

Learning to Eat Wild! Nature provides us with abundance of foods and medicine. Join us as we rediscover her generosity


Entering the Blogosphere in 3... 2... 1... Hello World! As Wordpress says in its demonstration blog post. So... Here we are with yet another outlet to express ourselves on the world wide web.  This utility, like so many things in my life something to explore and learn about as I go.  Bear…